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For Science!

Version Air - Fractal Define C [PostBuildLog]

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Posted · Original PosterOP



The Fractal Define C is an excellent compact case but with enough space to fit even the most demanding setups. This particular build is a hybrid gaming & scientific application build and so I needed 2 GPUs as well as a solid CPU for gaming.


Obligatory box collection photo.



The case itself is one of the smallest ATX form factor cases, and has the distinct Fractal Look, very sleek and minimalistic.




I've gone for the side window variant, it is not tempered glass, but is wide and shows off the rig nicely.



Recessed motherboard mount surface, rubber grommets to aid cable management.



The Prime Z270-A motherboard has most of the features that are needed for a KabyLake system. Wifi is lacking however.



Due to the compact nature, you can see that there is not too much space from the top of the case and the motherboard. This can introduce issues with memory clearance with radiators. I used Corsair LPX RAM, which seems to be the shorted RAM sticks you can get without going heatspreadder-less.



The grommets are all in the correct place so no issue managing the 24-pin, EPS, SATA, USB 3.1, HD audio etc.



The power supply used is a fully modular PSU from corsair, 750W is plenty for a dual-1080 + 7700K.



The one thing I would mention however is that the fully modular power supplies are a bit longer and this gets very close the drive cage and leaves little space for the cables.



The two 1080's that went into the build. I consciously went for a blower style card as I knew thermals may be an issue in such a compact case.




The CPU will be kept in check using a corsair H100i v2. This cooler was excellent, although I changed the fans for Noctua. I would highly recommend plugging the fans into the water pump itself so that the fans react to water temperatures by default. Otherwise with the hot 7700K you may find that your fans ramp up unnecessarily. 



The culprit for everybody's thermal nightmare, although it performs very nicely in games



Top mounted radiator to make sure the GPUs don't take any kind of beating with slightly warmer air.



Just to highlight the aforementioned issue with RAM clearance with this case if you choose to top mount a radiator



Plenty of room for rear cable management too



Some LED for white ambient lighting. To maximize the whiteness of the LEDs, I would recommended using a slight orange tint instead of the complete equal RGB. Fractal Venturi's for intake and exhaust. I attached a thermal probe to the GPU so that the intake fans ramp up according to the GPU fan speed to maintain balanced airflow,



Side panel still fits too, yay




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Awesome! And @Ordinarily_Greater will want to see this!

Always try googling your motherboard and looking at the spec sheet and manual - OEMs keep those up for a reason - and maybe you'll learn something 🤔


i7 5820K - NH-U9DXi4 - 4.2Ghz/3.4Ghz, 1.2v/1.05v (core/uncore) - 1.9v input voltage  - EVGA X99 Micro2 - 16GB (4x4GB) EVGA SuperSC DDR4 - ~2667Mhz CL16 - EVGA XC Ultra 1660 Ti - 250GB 960 Evo - 1TB WD Blue - 120GB HyperX Fury SSD - 1TB Seagate Barracuda Pro Compute 2.5" HDD - 2TB Seagate FireCuda 2.5" SSHD - Corsair CX550 (2017) - Fractal Design Meshify C Mini - 2 stock fans front, random corsair fan rear, all 120mm LG 25UM56-P - 25" 2560x1080 at 75Hz


X58 Madlads: X58 Xeon/i7 discussion     X99 bois: X99 Xeon/i7 discussion


Current GPU collection:
Radeon VII - 1660 Ti - 2x GTX 780s - 1050 Ti - 1050 - 660

GPUs I've had if you wanna say I don't understand both sides:
1050/1050 Ti (yes I've had multiple of these) - RX 570 - RX 480 - Vega FE - 2x GTX 1080s - 1080 Ti - 2 different 980 Tis


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Nice build, use that case and PSU myself.

I'd get some sleeved cables though, corsair makes some nice ones you can get in all white or white and black 


CPU: i7 4790 Ram: HyperX Savage 24GB DDR3 GPU: Asus Strix GTX 960 MOBO: Asus B85 Pro Gamer SSDs: HyperX Fury 120gb, Corsair Force LX 128gb HDDs: Seagate SSHD 1tb + 1tb seagate HDD CPU Cooler: BeQuiet! Pure Rock PSU: Corsair RM650x Case: Fractal Design Define C window Case fans: 2x Corsair AF140 Quiet Ed. 140mm intake, 1x Corsair AF120 Quiet Ed. 120mm exhaust


Monitors: 2x Asus VN247H Keyboard: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Headset: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Mousepad: Steelseries QcK, Corsair MM300 XXL Cables: Corsair Premium Pro Red Sleeved Lighting: Corsair Node Pro


HP Probook G4 440

CPU: Core i3 7100u Ram: 8gb DDR4 SSD: 256gb Sandisk X4 Pro Screen: 13.3" TN 

Asus E403SA

CPU: Pentium N3700 Quad Core Ram: 4gb DDR3 SSD: 128gb eMMC Screen: 14" 1080p TN


Samsung Galaxy S8


PSU Tier List Updated    Personal Steam Account   

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Posted · Original PosterOP
11 hours ago, pelark said:

Nice build, use that case and PSU myself.

I'd get some sleeved cables though, corsair makes some nice ones you can get in all white or white and black 

Thanks =)

Yes, I managed to get some custom cables when I moved the build for a full-water loop.

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