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Overwatch League, And Why are there so little Clubs?

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My guess is that people are either a) still negotiating with Blizzard, b) working on doing their own thing, or c) aren't attracted to the game at Blizzard's price tag because of the overall low viewership/engagement.


Most likely, C is causing A and/or B, but Blizzard is using price points like Overwatch a major eSports title, like LoL or Dota2, but the viewership and sponsorship just aren't there.

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Isn't it 20 million to get in ? 

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The main issue so far is down to lack of information from Blizzard, leading many pros to quit teams, and with teams failing to get spots in the league, either due to cost or being outbid. Major teams like Fnatic, faze, NiP and dignitas all dropping their rosters shouldn't be happening, but if they're failing to win spots for the league then there's no point in keeping the team. Currently there's just EnvyUs, Rogue, Eunited, Liquid, C9, NRG (technically), misfits, immortals, toronto, renegades and LG evil left in the west for "major" teams, yet only 3 of them have spots in the league currently. Even Korea is dying out because of the dominance of Lunatic-Hai, Kongdoo panthera, LW Blue and AF blue as well as uncertainty in Blizzard.

Everything basically can be summed up with this: Blizzard is failing to provide clear, concise information that is leading to uncertainty in Pros, orgs, investors and fans.

Heck, even DSPStanky, MoonMoon and timthetatman are facing burnout and dropping the amount they stream overwatch, because competitive is stale and Blizzard are taking too long to fix things *cough* roadhog *cough*. This is because they keep appealing to the casual players and not the esports players, which should be the ones they are targeting as they are your long term player base.

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