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Thermaltake core wpp200 water cooled quad loop

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Posted · Original PosterOP

led stuff.



led hub cant find the name. think i got it form dazmode. can do 20 leds and add a switch to turn them all on and off. but ill use the psu switch to tune all the leds off instead.




internal usb hub with usb extension. 4 pin fan connectors  / 3 pin fan connectors / wire /solder / heat shrink 




orange led switch to replace the but thermal take ones. / 90 degree pcie / terminal's / orange flat ethernet cable / orange usb dust convers 3.5mm / screws for desk led strip.




orange power cables / long flat orange hdmi cables / orange internal hdim cables with keystone plate for internal gpu mount / orange sata with extensions (case is tall as balls)




4pin led strip female / male connectors / 3pin led strip female / male connectors / 4 pin ez led strip female to female / jst connector for 3 pin led strips set male  /female  4 pin strip spliters




testing rgb strip controllers 3 pin and 4 pin. rgb strip think its 5 meters




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Posted · Original PosterOP

finally got my 4pin extension cables after buy form like 6 people and waiting since November..... but now i can continue on when the weather gets better out.


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