Clevo Custom Laptops What is a custom laptop? It is a laptop in which you have the ability to choose how much RAM to put, to choose between what SSD / HDD or different panels, cpus and gpus.
It is also useful to be able to take a barebone without disks and license. What's Clevo?
Clevo is a Taiwanese ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) who designs and manufactures its products, gaming laptops or also high performance mobile workstations.
Clevo also manufactures barebone cases for other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and these OEMs fill these barebone cases with the necessary hardware. Most of the brands (Dell, Alienware, HP, Lenovo, Acer) use barebones made by ODM such as Quanta, Compal, Clevo and others.   What's special? The use of desktop cpus on its products (N3xx, N6xx, W6xx, P7xx, P8xx) is a particular feature of this manufacturer, which also uses the MXM format gpus in the most powerful platforms (P7xx, P8xx).  Other OEMs (Dell, Alienware, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, Aorus) use soldered cpu/gpu for their gaming laptops. (here more infos)
Clevo does not market its products directly but it distributes them through a worldwide network of System Integrators and Resellers that rebrand them and customize them to the customer's taste. ( List of Clevo Resellers )
System Integrators such as Sager, Origin, XMG / Schenker, Metabox, Obsidian PC, Eurocom are among the most well-known in the world.      
Clevo website   All Notebooks   ___________________________________ULV CPU__________________________________________ _______13” BGA CPU _______ N130BU (N131BU)  i3-7100u/i5-7500u/i7-7600u  /      N130WU (N131WU) i5-8250u/i7-8550u
(aka Sager NP3130, Schenker Slim 13, PCSpecialist Lafite III)
 [Dimensions: 329 x 225 x 17.8 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:36Wh / Weight: 1,30 kg with battey] Reviews
Official Thread   _______14” BGA CPU________     N240BU(N241BU)  i3-7100u/i5-7500u/i7-7600u / N240WU (N241WU) i5-8250u/i7-8550u
(aka Sager NP3245, Schenker Slim 14, PCSpecialist UltraNote IV LE)
 [Dimensions: 340x 243.5x 22.2mm (W x D x H) / Battery:44Wh / Weight: 1,80 kg with battey]  
Review   N140WU (N141WU) i5-8250u/i7-8550u Review      
______15” BGA CPU________ N750BU (N751BU Grey)  i5-7500u/i7-7600u  / N750WU (N751WU) i5-8250u/i7-8550u
(aka Schenker Slim 15, PCSpecialist UltraNote IV)
 [Dimensions:377 x 259 x 22,8 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:44Wh / Weight: 2,10 kg with battery] Review  
N750WL (N751WL Grigio) i5-8250u/i7-8550u +mx150         ___________________________________HQ CPU__________________________________________   _______14” BGA CPU________   P640HJ1 (P641HJ1)    i7-7700hq+gtx1050 /P640HK1 (P641HK1)  i7-7700hq+gtx1050ti
(aka XMG P407, Schenker Compact 14, PCSpecialist Defiance III)
 [Dimensions: 349x247x25.4mm (W x D x H) / Battery:45Wh / Weight: 2,10 kg with battey] Reviews
 Official Thread
  ______15” BGA CPU________     N750HU (N751HU Grey)  i5-7300HQ/i7-7700HQ
    N850HZ i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq +igpu  / N850HN  i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+940mx /  N850HL i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+mx150 / N850HC  i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+gtx950m
(aka Sager NP5850, Sager NP5852, PCSpecialist Cosmos VI)
 [Dimensions:385 x 268 x 28,5 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:48.84/62Wh / Weight: 2,40 kg with battey]    
N850HJ1   i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+gtx1050  / N857HJ1  i5-7300hq or  i7-7700hq+gtx1050  / N850HK1   i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+gtx1050ti /N857HK1  i5-7300hq or  i7-7700hq+gtx1050ti
(aka Sager NP6852, Sager NP6850, XMG A507, Schenker Media 15, Notebookguru Guru SUN K , PCSpecialist Optimus VIII, Schenker Media 15, XOTIC G55 Excalibur) Review,4955.html Official Thread  
  N850EJ1   i5-8300h or i7-8750h+gtx1050  / N857EJ1  i5-8300hq or  i7-8750h+gtx1050  / N850EK1   i5-8300h or i7-8750h+gtx1050ti /N857EK1  i5-8300h or  i7-8750h+gtx1050ti         N850HP6   i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+gtx1060 6gb
(aka Sager NP7850, XOTIC G63 Raider, XMG A517)
 [Dimensions:378 x 267 x 29,9 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:62Wh / Weight: 2,50 kg with battey] Official Thread Review
      N850EP6   i5-8300hq or i7-87f0h+gtx1060 6gb      
P650HP3 (P651HP3)  i7-7700hq+gtx1060  3gb / P650HP6 (P651HP6)  i7-7700hq/i7-7820hk+gtx1060  6gb /  P650HS (P651HS)  i7-7700hq+gtx1070
(aka Sager NP8156, Sager NP8157,XOTIC G65 Raider, XMG P507, Schenker Compact 15, PCSpecialist Defiance III)
 [Dimensions:385x271x25mm/29mm (W x D x H) / Battery:60Wh / Weight: 2,80 kg with battey] Review,4954.html
Official Thread

P950HP6   i7-7700hq+gtx1060  6gb /P950HR   i7-7700hq+gtx1070 Max-Q
(aka Sager NP8950, Sager NP8952, ONE K56-7P )
 [Dimensions: 380x249x18,55 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:55Wh / Weight: 1,90 kg with battey] Review
Official Thread
      P950EP6   i7-8750h+gtx1060  6gb /P950ER   i7-8750h+gtx1070 Max-Q           P955HQ1 i7-7700hq+P3000 6gb / P955HQ3 i7-7700hq+P5000             PB51ED-G   PB51EF-G     _______15” LGA CPU________ N350DU/N350DW
(aka EUROCOM Commander, Schenker Dock 15, Nexoc B519)
 [Dimensions: 382x259.5x32.95 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:62.16Wh / Weight: 2.5kg kg with battey] Review

W650KJ1 (W651KJ1)  gtx1050 / W650KK1 (W651KK1)  gtx1050ti
(aka Notebookguru Guru ICE K Extreme, Nexoc G522)
 [Dimensions: 374x252x31.8 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:48.84Wh/62.16Wh / Weight: 2.5kg/2,70 kg with battey] Review

(aka Schenker Office 15)
 [Dimensions: 374x263.45x32.5 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:62.16Wh / Weight: 2.70 kg with battey] Review
NB50TZ (NB55TZ)       NB50TL (NB55TL) mx150 / NB50TJ1 (NB55TJ1) gtx1050 / NB55TK1 (NB55TK1) gtx1050ti Official Thread       N950KP6 (N957KP6)  Gtx1060       N950TP6 (N957TP6)  Gtx1060      
P750DM2 (P751DM2)  gtx1060/gtx1070/gtx1080 (MXM GPU)
(aka EUROCOM Sky X4E2, Sager NP9153, XMG U507, PCSpecialist Octane III)
 [Dimensions:386 x 262 x 38mm (W x D x H) / Battery:82Wh / Weight: 3,40 kg with battey] Review
Official thread
      P750TM gtx1060/gtx1070/gtx1080 (MXM GPU)  (6-cores Intel cofee lake cpus)         _______16” BGA CPU________ N860EP6   P960EP6 P960ED P960EF P960EN     _______16” LGA CPU________ N960TP6  N960TD  N960TF       ________17” BGA CPU________ N770BU (N771BU Grey)  i5-7500u/i7-7600u  / N770WU (N771WU) i5-8250u/i7-8550u     N870HZ i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq +igpu / N870HN   i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+940mx / N870HL i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+mx150 / N870HC   i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+gtx950m/N870HJ1  i5-7300hq or  i7-7700hq+gtx1050 /N870HK1   i5-7300hq or i7-7700hq+gtx1050ti / N870HP6   i7-7700hq+gtx1060
(aka Sager NP5870, Sager NP5872, Sager NP6872, XOTIC G57 Excalibur, XMG A707, Schenker Media 17, Schenker Office 17,  PCSpecialist Optimus VIII)
 [Dimensions:418.5 x 284 x 27.4 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:48.84/62Wh / Weight: 2.85 kg with battey] Review
Official Thread
P670HP6 (P671HP6) i7-7700hq/i7-7820hk+gtx1060 6gb / P670HS (P671HS)   i7-7700hq/i7-7820hk+gtx1070
(aka Sager NP8176, Sager NP8177, XOTIC G67 Raider, XMG P707, Schenker Compact 17, PCSpecialist Defiance III)
 [Dimensions:417x287x30mm (W x D x H) / Battery:60Wh / Weight: 3.30 kg with battey] Review
Official Thread

PA70HP6 (PA71HP6)  i7-7700hq/i7-7820hk+gtx1060 6gb  / PA70HS (PA71HS)  i7-7700hq/i7-7820hk+gtx1070
(aka One GAMING K73-7M)
 [Dimensions:418.5 x 287 x 24.9 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:66Wh / Weight: 3.40 kg with battey] [4xUSB 3.0, 1xmicroUSB 3.1 (Type-C) combo Thunderbolt3, 2xMiniDisplayPort, 1xHDMI, SD, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD]           PA70EP6 (PA71EP6)  i7-8750h/i9-8950hk+gtx1060 6gb  / PA70ES (PA71ES)  i7-8750h/i9-8950hk+gtx1070     PB71ED-G   PB71EF-G   _________17” LGA CPU__________
  N970TD  N970TF       P775DM3 gtx1060/gtx1070/gtx1080 (MXM GPU)
(aka EUROCOM Sky X7E2, Sager NP9172, XMG U717, PCSpecialist Octane III)
 [Dimensions:418 x 295.3 x 40.9 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:82Wh / Weight: 3,90 kg with battey] Review
Official Thread
    P775TM gtx1060/gtx1070/gtx1080 (MXM GPU)  (6-cores Intel cofee lake cpus)      
P870DM2 gtx1070 SLI (MXM GPU) MBZ170 /P870DM3 gtx1080 SLI(MXM GPU) MBZ170
(aka EUROCOM Sky X9E2, Sager NP9872, Sager NP9873, XMG U727 2016) Review
Official Thread
P870KM-GS gtx1080 (MXM GPU) MBZ270 /P870KM gtx1070 SLI (MXM GPU) MBZ270 /P870KM1 gtx1080 SLI (MXM GPU) MBZ270
(aka EUROCOM Sky X9E3, Sager NP9876, XMG U727, PCSpecialist Vortex VI)
 [Dimensions:428 x 308 x 47.2 mm (W x D x H) / Battery:89Wh / Weight: 4.80kg/5,50 kg with battey] Review
Official Thread
    P870TM gtx1070/gtx1080 (MXM GPU)  (6-cores Intel cofee lake cpus) MBZ370 /P870TM gtx1070 SLI (MXM GPU) MB Z270 /P870TM1 gtx1080 SLI (MXM GPU) MB Z370       Do you know other clevos?     These Resellers make LGA Cpu Delidding: -Obsidian PC (+ Lapping & Polish) -Schenker/XMG -Raiontech -Hidevolution -CEG Hardcore Custom -Laptopparts4less -Dreammachines -Eurocom   These Resellers use LM: -Syspack -Hidevolution -Eurocom -GentechPC -Level51     Do you know other resellers?   These Resellers have a custom Bios: -Obsidian PC -Eurocom     These Resellers use a Prema Bios (here more infos😞 -Hidevolution -Avell -Azom Systems -Dreammachines -Clevocenter -Mythlogic -Lpc-digital -Xoticpc -Metabox