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[HELP] (Motherboard) Problem in the socket

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Posted · Original PosterOP


It seems i bent 1-2 of the pins in the cpu socket of my mobo (1150, intel). Is that the problem?(pic below)

Thanks in advance!


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Will absolutely cause problems. Do not attempt to power that on with a CPU installed.


You can attempt to straighten them with a very delicate pair of tweezers, but chances are you're gonna need a new motherboard. Unless you're good at such small delicate work.

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So, there is bad news, and there is bad news.

1. It is extremely unsafe to use the motherboard like that, while it may work, it could cause permanent damage to the CPU or other components.

2. Motherboard manufacturers and vendors typically do not allow RMA's for motherboards with bent pins. If you have video of opening the box in a single take from cutting the seal to inspecting the pins, and show it was a factory issue, they might accept it.


Take a break, and relax. While it is possible to repair bent pins by carefully straightening them, you are going to need to be patient and have a steady hand. If you cannot fix it, you will need a new motherboard. Good luck.

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