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Windows 10 HDD caching with SSD - 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am currently running Windows 10 on my 128GB SSD. I'm thinking about buying a bigger one and starting fresh. 
I was wondering what the best SSD caching solution would be to take advantage of my smaller SSD? I have 2 x 2TB HDDs and I would have 1 smaller and 1 bigger SSD. 

Currently I'm thinking about installing Windows on a new 1TB SSD and using the 128GB SSD as a cache for the 2 HDDs with something like PrimoCache. 

Is this the smart way to go about it?

CPU: i5 3570K  4.2 GHz   GPU: MSI GTX970  |  Case: Fractal R4  

Keyboard: Pok3r MX Brown   Mouse:  Razer Deathadder


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