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Corsair RM650x Fan Erratic Behaviour

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all,


I've just built a new system and it included a Corsair RM650x PSU. I am aware that the fan will be off when not under load and under a certain temperature threshold. But what i didnt expect is that it would constantly ramp up/down over and over again. It's doing it to the extent where I'm questioning wether its working Ok or not..


So currently, my CPU Core temps are at 38-41*c average across all cores. My GPU is at 56*c. Case ambient (as reported by the motherbaord, so take that as you will) is 32*c. Room ambient is very cool, as its the time of year in the UK to have all the windows open for airflow, lol.. Its actually fairly chilliy in this room.


So I have no reason to believe that the PSU is over whatever threshold it might have to trigger the fan to come on (what is it?). Also, the system is under almost no load. I'm literally just running RealTemp, OpenHardwareMonitor, and Firefox to write this post, lol.


So why is it that the PSU's fan will ramp up, from silent to very very audible for aroun 5-10 seconds, then ramp down to silent again, and remain silent for around 5 seconds, then ramp the fan up again. Over and over again, and I'm not exaggerating with those timings, whilst writing this post its ramped up/down maybe 20-30times. The exhaustted air at the back of the case doesnt "feel" hot at all, it just seems like its pointlessly spinnign the fan up and down at very close intervals.


Anyone have any experience with this? Is it normal? It doesnt seem it to me. I may try to return this to the supplier as faulty, can anyone recommend a PSU that has more active management of its fan? Or perhaps I should just get a corsair with manual software fan control...



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hmmmm strange


how much power does your box draw?

Does it do this every time? or only under load?


But for me this sounds like a broken fan controller.... i guess you have to RMA it... ;(

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I have the RM650x, and the fan doesn't spin up even during gaming load. While it is completely overkill for my build (only gotten it because it was extremely cheap at the time of purchase), sounds like you have a defective unit to me if it is ramping intermittently on low load usage.


If you look at this review, you would see that even in ambient temperatures of at least 37C, the fan does not turn on up until a little over 300wDC [LINK]


@Corsair Joseph may be able to assist you with this.

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Like what quan said, that sounds like a faulty unit. RMx has zero rpm mode, so there's no reason why the fan would turn on under minimum load, and not to mention, the ramping up and down. 


If you are still within your store's return policy, I would definitely have it exchanged. If you're not, I'd submit an RMA request and get the unit replaced via Corsair warranty. 



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