Watercooling, Overclocking and Benchmarking!     Planed Specs:   Computer: CPU: --------------------------------- I7 4790K GPU: ------------------------------- GTX 1080 RAM: ----------- 2x8GB 1886MHz HyperX Case: ------------- Fractal Design Define C Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Annaversairy PSU: ---------- EVGA SuperNova 650 G2 Storage: 1x UV400 240GB, 1x 1TB HDD Soundcard: ---------------- SoundBlaster Z   Cooling: Front: --------------------------- Xspc RX360 Top: -----------EKWB Coolstream SE 240 CPU Block: ---- EKWB Supremacy EVO GPU Block:----Heatkiller IV w/ backplate Pump: ------- Innovatek eheim pcps 1104
Reservoir: Alphacool Coolplex Pro 10 LT Coolant: Mayhems Pastel Sunset Yellow Fittings: ---------------- EKWB ACF (Black) Angels: -- 4xAlphacool 90o 1x45o EKWB The Plan:   The plan here is to watercool, upgrade and benchmark my system, i dont feel that my GTX 970 is hanging in there anymore now that i am playing at 1440p so i want a better GPU. The choice of GPU was simple enough, what the best GPU that isnt crazy overkill for 1440p 75Hz? a GTX 1080! i might end up getting a Vega card if they have any compelling options though but the plan is to get a 1080, watercool it and be happy with the insaine overkill machine i have just to play some esports titles, watch youtube and chat on discord! The color scheme will be Yellow/White/Black with yellow pastel coolant, clear tubeing, plexi blocks and some white accents in a Fractal Design C! also this will probably be the first time i do any proper cable management beyond stuffing it all behind the motherboard tray         Where Im At Right NOW:   I have all the computer components exept for the GTX 1080, and just got the 240mm rad. The 360 rad, pump and reservoir have all been purchased too and should arive soon. the case will probably be bought in about a month. the build should begin around then so its going to be a bit of a wait. i dont know wether i will be buying new or used GPU and CPU blocks either but seeing the current situation its looking like new blocks. the money to fund all this should be in my pockets in two weeks and then if thats not enough the rest will be in in august  the Toaster Project might get some priority but i doubt it, it will probably be relying on the august money instead because i want this done ASAP         @TheRandomness @Mr.Meerkat @Revan654 thanks for pushing me over the edge to actiually do this   *edit* also the indent feature is a bitch so deal with it   Thanks for reading this and i hope you will enjoy this build! here is what a northern bumblebee looks like!