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I just found another way of doing it

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Guys, (be advised im not a native speaker, im from germany, so if i get some things wrong please excuse me, so anyway:)

so i want to do a few things with my home network but because i dont have any experience with networking i need some help.


First of all i attached a shitty paint drawing of my current setup (in the green boxes) and my attempt of trying to come up with at least anything that might work for what im trying to achieve. To give a short explanation of said drawing: on the left top is my main rig which is connected to my switch in the same room via LAN 1Gbps. This switch is then connected to the router via a long ass 1Mbps LAN cable that i currently cannot replace or avoid by using a better cable or WLAN because the router is physically to far away to reach my cheap ASUS WLAN card. Which doesnt really matter because the house infrastructure only allows 6397946191.pngto the WWW (i usually get download speeds of up to 10Mbps so dunno what happened thereO.o).


In the end i want to be able to stream videos from my main computer to my Laptop which i can not do at the moment because i guess the connection speed from my main rig to the current Router is too slow because of that shitty long ass LAN cable. (This is what the Router shows me as to what my connection speed is: )

So my attempt to solving this issue was that i tried connecting my old FRITZ!Box, that i still had lying around, via 1Gbps LAN to the switch to set up another Network with which i could be able to stream my movies via the old FRITZ!Box Router from my main rig to my Laptop.

Thats however only my noob vision on things because i dont know nothing, not even if you can do something like that at all or what. Thats why i came here so happy cringing and whatever.

I am open to any suggestion and links to other topics that already cover some of my Questions.


Have fun and thanks in advance!


Oh and here are all the network devices that are in my drawing:

Onboard LAN of my ASUS Maximus VII Ranger

TP-Link TL-SG1005D Switch

New main Router: FRITZ!Box 7362 SL

Old Router: FRITZ!Box SL WLAN

Laptop Wirelesscard: Realtek RTL8821AENFUnbenannt.thumb.jpg.b178784323729de03eabdaac6ffed3f0.jpg

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If the Ethernet Cable is CAT5, I doubt you're running enough length in your house to cause problems. However, if it is ran through/by anything that gives up an electromagnet field, it could cause connections issues. 

A: Upgrade your wireless equipment by either purchasing a new NIC, Wifi Range Extenders (This is supposedly shotty, never personally used one), or hardwire your laptop the the network. 

Also, what software/configuration are you using to cast your movies? Some software may be causing the issue. 

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