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Pascal GPU Boost 3.0 topic, something every pascal owner should look at.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 hour ago, Darkseth said:

At this point, just a speculation: If you shift it up too much, it COULD be, that the points below 800 mV get changed too, and lower power states become unstable, while the OC one might be stable.

Yes this is also my hypothesis. Just raising it a bit and tilting the curve, it became unstable when launching something. Eventhough it was at the same voltage and frequency. Just loading the profile made it crash. Something with raising or tilting the curve, something breaks for me.


But glad, you actually noticed the difference. So there is something off with the Curve and Boost 3.0~

Yeah, but look at the updates. I managed to mostly elleviate the performance delta.

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Bumping the topic, how much undervolt can be applied to MX150 generally?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
16 minutes ago, ZM Fong said:

Bumping the topic, how much undervolt can be applied to MX150 generally?

Dependent on the silicon, literally no way to know but test. Hence you just continue to undervolt until it fails.

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Hi, I'm trying to undervolt my Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Windforce.  I've unlocked voltage control, and my core voltage slider works, but CTRL F does nothing.

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Hello everyone.

Trying this guide on my new laptop, its Dell G3 with GTX1050Ti.

Never really used laptops before, so this thing got my concerned about temps (a saving some watts for battery life seems very usefull too), so I already managed to make some nice profiles for CPU with ThrottleStop, that helped a lot.


Now this MSI Afterburner, Im stuck in dead end - unfortunately, Unlock Voltage settings seems to not work.

Core Voltage and Power Limit Sliders are disabled, theres no OSD for those values showing up in Unigine Heaven and also after pressing Ctrl-F in Afterburner, theres no reading of Voltage value.

Sending a screenshot.


Is there anything I can try to do next?


Thank you very much for your time.


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1) Should i hit apply after adjusting each node while coming left of x axis?


2) while setting the nodes, if the clockspeed changes what should i do?


3) I have a dell 7577 with gtx 1050ti. The voltage control or monitoring option is unavailable in msi afterburner, even after checking the options "enable voltage control" and "voltage monitoring".  So i am using hwinfo64 to get the core voltage. is that ok? 

4) There is no option called 'Power target' as well. Where can i adjust this? or what can i do about that if its unavailable for me?


I know this thread is quite old...someone please help me anyway. i need this badly 😔


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