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A deal on an old DELL 1600P monitor (dell 3007wfp)

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Here the situation I found a good deal on the dell ultrasharp 3007wfp it's a 60hz ips 1600p 30" monitor the only bad thing is that its response time is 11ms will I notice it and should I buy it or should I pass

Currently I have a shitty TN FHD 23.6" samsung monitor 

I am not a competitive cs go player I just enjoy my games and play all kinds of games basically a filthy casual

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Its response time isnt terrible; but they do have pretty bad input lag - At a guess id put around 15-20ms input lag + about 10-15ms response time (I had them till they broke a few days ago).

That said the colour is awesome and for aRPGs it makes the game look really beautiful.

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