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When you think of Asus?

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When i see Asus, I think of the R7 1800x and the x370 boards that were given to reviewers...


Man, that was a really sad time.

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Shitty customer support.


Don't get me wrong. Their products are high quality and not very prone to defects, but if you do get something that's defective, good luck dealing with them.


Took me over three months to just get an RMA on a DOA motherboard. Then when I FINALLY could ship it back to them (which I had to pay for), they took it out of the box, put it in a new one and sent it straight back to me. There was no testing or verification information available from them online or over the phone when I called about it. I received the same DOA motherboard with the same serial number back from them after the RMA process. And during this entire process it was an absolute bear to get ahold of them. I'd have to send at least 3 emails before I'd get a single response. Responses never answered all of my questions or even attempted to solve any problems, and getting ahold of them by phone was an endless abyss of waiting on hold for over an hour.


I will never be buying another Asus product again.

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1 hour ago, linustouchtips said:

So the Rog line had issues were they resolved in timely fashion or were you stuck in limbo

I stuck with the board due to 6 - 8 week RMA - I had moved to water cooling and could do everything I needed in the bios


The monitor was returned to my retailer rather than Asus themselves so was only a few days


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I think... expensive.


Usually their components are 10% more expensive than MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac, etc.


I'm cheap, so I never end up buying them. I don't think I've ever owned a Asus product, except for a used GTX 980, which was nice. I hear good things about them, but for me the other slightly cheaper brands work out fine.

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My first thought today is "Asus, why do you tell us about awesome products coming out when they aren't coming out for 9 months!!!!!!"

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