(Banner courtesy of @PCGuy_5960)   (Edit 30th May) All pictures posted after this update will be higher in quality as I have broadband so ya know     Build completed (ish): RGB lighting is on a cycling effect hence its yellow     Table of contents: Main post Major Update one (building the system with stock coolers) Major Update two (Building the water cooling loop) Major Update three (Overclocking) Major Update four (TBD, should be painting the case and painting/vinyl wrapping the backplate of the fury) Sneak peek of my WIP desk setup Minor update one-complaining about Royal mail and the finalized list of WC parts Minor update two-update on how I've finally recieved everything   So, I've finally decided and purchased parts for my new PC. @Ethocreeper and @PCGuy_5960 have seen how indecisive I was.   Old PC: It had the very nice specs of:  Did I need an upgrade? Nope Did I want one? Yes   New PC: Ryzen 7 1700 (as it's an upgrade) MSI B350M Arctic (cause it's white) Crucial ballistix white 2x8GB DDR4 (cause It's white) Sapphire Fury cooled by a EK block  XFX XXX 850watt (it once again is back in duty) with blue phanteks extentions. White air 240 MX100 256GB (don't need anything better), courtesy of my mother, its now a MX300 1TB instead of the other two drives.  WD black 1TB   (Edit 30th May) List of Watercooling parts: Fittings-EK ACF Blue 13/10mm compression fittings  CPU block-XSPC Raystorm  GPU block-EK fury block  Pump/res-10W DDC and XSPC res combo Rad 1-EK SE240 painted white Rad 2-XSPC white 240mm rad Tubing-13/10mm white which under UV turns blue Fans: 2x enermax and 2x SP120   Anyway, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my old PC sooo...this will not be part of it.   Here's everything I've got so far.   I should not be getting the other WC parts till Monday so...hey that's why I bought a 1700