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New Cryorig R5 Cooler

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1 minute ago, Naijin said:

Isn't it a bit overkill with two fans?

Plenty of coolers with two fans. Hell, the Noctua NH-D15 has two towers.

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Be nice to each other boys and girls. And don't cheap out on a power supply.


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My Rig


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I really like Cryorig's ID. Almost wish i had a good excuse to upgrade my system to get one.


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Is there an Ultimate and Universal version for it?

Will there be Customod to go with it too?

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1 hour ago, Naijin said:

Isn't it a bit overkill with two fans?

Non techie alert!

Go get a pre built next time.


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I actually might get that low profile one for my upcoming ryzen build 

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1 hour ago, cj09beira said:

i am more interested in those all copper, they might have some significant gains

If you are as interested as you say, here is some physics.


Copper in a heat exchange is not as game-changing as you might think. Everyone loves to say that copper is so much more thermally conductive than Al, which means everything should be made out copper.


Hold on there chief, here is the steady state heat equation for thermal conduction:


{\displaystyle \rho c_{p}{\frac {\partial T}{\partial t}}-\nabla \cdot \left(k\nabla T\right)={\dot {q}}_{V}}


k is thermal diffusivity, (the ability of a material to diffuse thermal energy) 


it is defined as thermal conductivity/density x specific heat capacity


copper has 1.8x aluminium's thermal conductivity, but you also see another constant there called Cp, or specific heat capacity (the amount of energy a given volume will take before it raises by a unit of temp). Specific heat capacity of aluminium is ~2.1x copper. The density term is also there, operating to make thermal diffusivity worse (copper has  2.5x the density of al). What is important is that Cp and density is also acting on dT/dt term (Temperature change over time)


What does this mean? It means that overall a copper based system which relies on conduction and convection(very important since you want to use air to take away the heat) is not going to have massive advantages over aluminium, definitely no where near 2x. More like 1.05-1.2x. The performance gain is there somewhere, but does it justify bulk copper being used as fin material whilst being more than twice as expensive and more than twice as heavy as aluminium? Noctua, BeQuiet, Cooler Master etc all say no.


So why is copper used for heatblocks? Because of a different equation where you can assume that you are making perfect contact with two solids(not air and solid as in with heat fins)


Image result for thermal conduction equation



They use copper for the contact on the chip because the equation above dictates that you have to have as much thermal conductivity in a given area (note k here means thermal conductivity, not diffusivity). So specific heat cap does not play as much as a part.


Edit: Q in both cases is heat flux, or rate of movement of heat per given area

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I looooove the look of the copper, but wish they'd carried it over to the top cap as well. Why hide it like that?

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I like the look of the new R5, but I'm curious about how well it will perform compared to the H5, and also what the price difference will be. They are both designed for zero RAM interference, and as such seem to have the same total depth, but the H5 is about 80% heatsink to 20% fan, and the R5 is about 50/50. So sure, the R5 will have much more airflow, but through a much smaller heatsink. So again, I'm curious to see how well it does.

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Thos copper ones look amazing. Especially the tiny C7 for ITX builds look amazing. That thing can fit in a Dan case A4, so with copper, it should lower the temps quite a bit.


EVGA also made a copper based GPU. Would love copper to become a thing on higher end products. Although it weighs a lot more, it's just so much more efficient.




Material Thermal conductivity (cal/sec)/(cm2 C/cm) Thermal conductivity (W/m K)*


 0.99 385.0
Aluminum  0.50 205.0

Watching Intel have competition is like watching a headless chicken trying to get out of a mine field

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6 hours ago, Naijin said:

Isn't it a bit overkill with two fans?

Well take a closer look: Sorry for the double negative but nothing here is not overkill.


Also I love the look of the copper ones, hopefully they won't be significantly heavier as to cause issues with mobos or backplates.


Current Rig


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Love the copper. Would look great in an orange themed build like mine


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An aircooler for the copper fetishist, how wonderful! :x


I may get one if I ever air cool a cpu again xD

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6 hours ago, Dogeystyle said:

-sniping the science-

interesting, copper still looks a milion time better too though :P 

11 minutes ago, 0ld_Chicken said:

An aircooler for the copper fetishist, how wonderful! :x


I may get one if I ever air cool a cpu again xD

thinking the same thing again, if it wasent for the fact that i aleady have an NH-D14 id love one of those :x copper looks so good, AL is getting pretty booring tbh. 

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Oh look more CPU coolers ...

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