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Wargaming threatening to abuse Youtube Copyright system

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On 2017-5-20 at 10:16 PM, Vacras said:

I pretty much stopped playing because of arty. With everyone using XVM and me being a purple color everyone just tried to shoot me as soon as I got spotted.

There was no more fun because I was just constantly trying to avoid the arty.

Once I heard about the arty update (like half a year ago) I decided that it's time to stop before I go crazy :D


good thing I never paid a cent in all the time I was playing.

Well only "good thing" that XVM did was remove the chance to win. I don't even use XVM anymore.. Good thing you stopped playing...




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I found the link that was mentioned, and it appears that a third member of the community contributor program as ritagamer who runs the statusreport blog is also considering her standing on the community contributor team.




It's a good thing I decided to trawl the EU community contributor twitter accounts quickly looking for the kotaku link that jingles mentioned.

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1 hour ago, demonix00 said:

Maybe he should have used more up to date information since the post he was showing was the original post before it was corrected after and from what I'm currently watching, the email that Jim Sterling received was from Wargaming NA and not Wargaming EU considering the fact that Wargaming NA seemed to have filled their fire extinguishers with high octane aviation fuel with with they've posted to kotaku (although I can't find the actual link).


Originally this was the response from the Mighty Jingles before all this happened


Then we have Quickybaby who had to comment about false accusations about his review of the tank in question




And after this shitstorm with wargaming NA, The Mighty Jingles is the second person (the first was pointyhairedjedi) to leave the wargaming EU community contributor program because he felt that even though he was a wargaming EU community contributor it wouldn't protect him for wargaming as a global entity.



So are wargaming NA really legit for all three games @shermantanker

This whole thing is blowing up, I guess yesterday WGEU had things mostly ironed out, and then some high up Asshat in WGNA blasted out an email statement and dump napalm on the whole thing. As I posted about I have met several and watched the NA community managers and coordinators over the years and they are all pretty cool and respected by the community. As far as the PR guy who made that statement that completely contradicted what the EU heads said I am clueless on the matter.


That post I made from the NA producer for WoT lined up with what EU was saying, but the later statement was a mess. 


Im guessing and hoping Victor (CEO) makes a statement ASAP on this mess before it goes even more nuclear.


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To probably finish this off, here's PointyHairedJedi's video announcing his departure from the community contributor program explaining what got him to pull the plug.


Also, after all this happened, Wargaming finally released a statement on the matter signed by the EU and NA general managers along with the product and publishing directors.



Dear Commanders,

We have further reviewed the incident of last Friday involving SirFoch and his “Chrysler K GF rant” video, and know we could have handled the situation a lot better. We strongly support our players’, including our Community Contributors’, right to speak critically about us and our games. We acted too quickly and over the line when we threatened to have YouTube remove SirFoch’s video through a copyright infringement complaint and we are apologizing for that.


We’re committed to doing a better job on this front. We’re going to improve the way we communicate with our Community and our Community Contributors, and as part of that effort we will work with them on more detailed, specific guidelines to help ensure incidents like this don’t happen again.


Our official position is that Wargaming will not take copyright action against opinions based on our publicly released content.


Over the weekend we released a statement to some media outlets regarding the content of SirFoch’s video that inferred that SirFoch’s videos contained hate speech and homophobia. While we would obviously not want such content to be associated with any of our games – this video clearly did not. We apologize for this statement, and we don't stand behind those claims.


We love our players and our contributors – and we appreciate their honesty and commitment – we are committed to using this incident to grow and improve.

For those who haven't watched the other videos (more namely the episode of mingles with jingles) it took the might jingles saying he was going to prepare a statement announcing that he was quitting the community program to get the EU community manager to issue a statement (of which a comment by that community manager in the revised version relating to the wargaming NA statement was why PointyHairedJedi decided to walk) regarding this issue and it obviously took him quitting for a joint statement on this to be put out.

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13 hours ago, demonix00 said:


It probably wasn't quitting that got the joint statement (although that probably impressed the urgency of the situation). WG NA probably got chewed out by HQ and WG EU when they bumbled in to the wrong drama shooting and was strong-armed into signing.

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Wargaming have now issued a full apology and retraction of the claims they made against SirFoch




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Here is another youtubers views and info on the situation: He's primarily involved with World of Warships but does have contact with the other World of Tanks CCs and anything WOT staff does Wows staff is sure to want to follow at some point.



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On 24/05/2017 at 0:43 PM, AutonomousRedux said:

It probably wasn't quitting that got the joint statement (although that probably impressed the urgency of the situation). WG NA probably got chewed out by HQ and WG EU when they bumbled in to the wrong drama shooting and was strong-armed into signing.

Considering the fact that Jingles announcing that he was going to prepare a statement regarding his quitting the community contributor program that brought out the first statement (and the edited version of that statement), but they did nothing after WGNA decided to douse the fire in gasoline and kept silent for several days and after at least two community contributors walked out of the program before the CEO at wargaming decided that a statement should be put out before any more of their community contributors decided to walk out of the program (they could have patched this up sooner, but they didn't so I'm still sticking with the quitting of two of their community contributors forced them to put out that statement).


As for what @Arokhantos said, if a copyright strike had been issued and the claim had gone to court, if abuse of copyright could be confirmed then wargaming could lose all ability to claim copyright over their products (thanks to a video from Leonard French popping up in my recommended video feed on youtube).



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