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What's up with these shitty thumbnails? - Honest Answers Ep. 5

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1 minute ago, Deusrex said:

He's not a multi-billionaire or something. He has a successful small business, he hasn't become a oil magnate.

If you went from working at a computer store/ having 1 or two employees to having virtually unlimited computer/tech/etc. hardware/software/etc. and 15 or so employees and, theoretically, getting constant raises determined by the number of clicks, you would act different too.


By 'Money' I meant all possessions, so if constantly gaining stuff, you would act different.


TL;DR: If you went from being a normal computer enthusiast to having unlimited computer components, you would act different I'm sure.

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dude haters gonna hate! For real. Seems like your letting it get to you. Best thing you can do is remember the millions of people who love your stuff. For real bro. I loove this channel. I have been telling my other nerdy friends to watch it. you rock man, keep it up

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Got my like on this video. I won't say I like and share every video–that's disingenuous. I'd like to think of myself as something more than a blind fanboy, but putting out quality content will get my like, so you get it with this one.


With that said, I have a genuine complaint about the titles and descriptions (more so than the thumbnails, but they go hand in hand.) The issue I'm confronted with wasn't spoken about in the video, and given your interest in finding new viewers, I think it's a tenable argument. Because of the clickbait titles, it can be difficult to search for and find content relating to a specific project. "WORLD'S UGLIEST KEYBOARD" may be memorable and get clicks, but without relevant information in the description, it's harder to find when searching and when scrolling through said results. In the case of the keyboard video and Ryzen 5 performance preview, these were non-issues because the important info was in the description, but I'd like to caution against it.

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On 05/31/2017 at 4:17 PM, yathis said:

The PC as thin as a coin is bogus, because its the diameter of the coin, not its thickness.


Really? I'm pretty sure that click bait thumbnail had a picture of the coin being held in such a way that it's diameter was lined up with the width of the PC, giving context to the title... Just saying.



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On 06/06/2017 at 7:21 PM, yathis said:

I am shaking my head at the newest one for the cable.

*Keeps shaking my head*

*Lowers head, ashamed of what THEY are doing*

I was fine with the others, but this one? Wow. They made Linus look like a cross eyed Jim Carry. That one literally had no bearing with the video.


Also, WTF with the audio? Certain parts sound mumbled. Please fix it. Can get a $42k Camera, but still have a basic microphone?

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2 hours ago, yathis said:

I have stopped watching his flicks


I like PSUs. Feel free to ask me about PSU questions by replying to me in your topic, making a topic and tagging me (like this: @JDE) or posting on my profile.

Intel is bringing DDR4 to the mainstream with the Intel® Core™ i5 6600K and i7 6700K processors. Learn more by clicking the link in the description below.


We mourn @deXxterlab97 still.


@STRMfrmXMN's PSU Tier List 

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