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Game I can sit back and relax

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I recommend just biting the bullet and buying a Nintendo switch and Zelda. I was hesitant at first but Nintendo first party games are unmatched and breath of the wild is a freaking masterpiece. Just when I think I may be getting close to the capacity of seeing everything I can see in Breath of the Wild, it just laughs at me and throws a new enemy or landscape or danger at me. Possibilities are endless and exploration of that MASSIVE map has just completely entranced me. Taking the console on the go is just simply the coolest concept ever and you have people gather around you and watch you play sometimes. Zelda is the only thing worth playing at the moment, but this Christmas the switch is gonna have an extensive library of awesome titles. Just take the plunge and enjoy the masterpiece of Zelda if you haven't.

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Witcher 3 atm for me, otherwise civ games, nice for couches. I miss couch games. 

Bleigh!  Ever hear of AC series? 

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