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Kredle Jomes

GTX TITAN XP (2017) OR 1080 TI SLI?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I really need help with this one. I've started a new  build and needed to know if I should get a single titan xp or 2 1080 ti's? Money is not an issue I just hear that sli support can be a little wonkie. I'm going for 4k max( gaming only rig) so far I have: 

Roger strix x99 mobo 

Intel i7 6850k cpu

32gb ddr4 dominator platinum 

1tb samsung 850 Evo ssd

1200 watt evga platinum psu

Please help! Thanks!



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For all around performance, a Titan XP will be your best bet, but if the games you want support SLI, especially those that will be played a lot by you, then go for the TI-SLI. 

My recommendation is a 1080TI-SLI because one performs very close to the Titan XP. 

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SLI support isn't that bad with AAA titles.


Couple weeks wait at worst.

Desktop: 7700k @ stock, 32gb ddr4 @ 3000, 1080Ti, Maximus IX Hero.


Laptop 1: Asus Zephyrus 701 - i7-9750h @ stock, 16gb ddr4 @ 2666, 2070 RTX


Laptop 2: Dell G3 15 - i7-8750h @ stock, 16gb ddr4 @ 2666, 1050Ti 

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