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Ebay Bidding Trolls? [LTT Blue iPhone]

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Posted · Original PosterOP
54 minutes ago, AUniqueName said:

just to prove a point

And over 100 grand in canadian money units

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1 hour ago, iamdarkyoshi said:

@LinusTech @CPotter @Slick


Do it!

Not worth the time and effort for the money (well maybe, but they do have a yt channel to run...), but to prove a point it would be awesome, plus they'd have a clickbait title that's real! WE SUE EBAY TROLL FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

Mark 16: 15

“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.'”

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If the top bid doesn't pay, does it fall back to the second to top? Because there's someone with a 405 rep second to top with a $75,050 bid...




Expert procrastinator.

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1 hour ago, iamdarkyoshi said:

And over 100 grand in canadian money units


Definitely wouldn't be 100K, not to say they would win anyway

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18 hours ago, yathis said:

Why dont they use a legit ebay seller name like "Linus Tech Tips"

Because its a stupid joke.

What make an account just for one auction?

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