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Question about M2 Drives and SATA Bandwith

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Looking for clarification on what the specs of the ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G GAMING says:



I want to stick an samsung 960 ssd in one of the m2 sockets. I believe one of the slots is behind the motherboard and that's where I plan on putting the 960 (i.e. i don't think it's effected by the problem). I would like to populate all the 6 SATA 6gbs ports as well.


The site notes




The M.2_1 socket shares bandwidth with SATA_1 port when using M.2 SATA mode device. Adjust BIOS settings to use SATA device.


since the 960 is technically a PCIE, does that mean the bandwidth will be shared even if I plug it into the M2_1 slot? can I use a 960 in either (or both) as well as all the sata ports and be okay (no bandwidth loss?)?

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