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[Bundle Stars] GTA V & GTA Online Shark Cash Card Sale

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Today is a rare time to buy GTA Online Shark Cards on the cheap. The deals are from Bundle Stars in their 2017 Spring PC gaming sale. Shark Cash Cards are up to 42% off and decent deals in and of themsevles, but bizarrly the most expensive "MEgalodon Shark Cash Card is priced at $58.49 after discount while the GTA V Megalodon Bundle is cheaper at $48.95. That means you can get the GTA V base game + a Megalodon Shark Card Cash Card cheaper than a Megalodon Cash Card by itself.


For all deals use code: SPRING10


GTA V Shark Card Bundles

GTA V Base Game

GTA Online Shark Cards

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Sweet, time for me to get gta :D

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What? 8M for over twice the price I paid for the game? Not to mention it is 4x as much without sale.... are people actually buying that crap?

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Lmao 8m for almost $60

Back when I was still playing, hackers would force money onto players with their miniguns. I got more (ingame) money than I know what to do with. Every new content update I just log in for 5 minutes to buy the new stuff and thats the end of it.

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Yeah, I think that's just part of the running joke. Every time I've logged in for the past 2 months, I've always been put in a lobby with at least 2 people with mod menus causing chaos and throwing money everywhere, and occasionally crashing the game of everybody in the session, teleporting people all over the place, causing tons of lag...


I think they've just given up on GTA Online.



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