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Laptop monitor flashing only when battery below 50%

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My laptop is an Asus X553M. I hate it but it gets the job done for doing school work and surfing the web. However, as of late I have been experiencing the screen flashing black once the battery gets low. As soon as it's plugged in it goes back to normal, and above 50% it works fine. The flashing makes the laptop pretty much unusable as the flashing happens basically anytime you scroll and gives me headaches. Is the problem in the panel, battery, motherboard, software or some other culprit. I would understand if it always flashed, but it only being when on battery at around 35-45% is what is most confusing.


It has a TN panel if that means anything.

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1 minute ago, EmHo said:

this doesn't seem right, its not like the cable would only be loose when it gets to low battery

read the forum, try the cable solution. 

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