How would you say £300 could be invested into my computer for gaming

41 minutes ago, Abyssal Radon said:

No, older GPU architectures doesn't get the same amount of optimization as does a current gen. architecture does. Plus, a 1060 probably is about the same as a 980 Ti, but uses a lot less power. Actually I would bet a 1060 would beat a 980 Ti in most games.

This has got to be a troll post - please don't spout this nonsense. A 1060 gets no where near a 980ti, I have no idea why you are saying this. Basically Every card in the pascal range challenges or beats the previous higher model, aka


1050ti > 960

1060 > 970

1060 6gb > 980

1070 > 980ti

1080 > Fuck You Maxwell

1080ti > Fuck You 1080


And if you need numbers then here:,22.html


47 minutes ago, LiamardoHD said:

Thanks for the recommendation, in all honesty I'm a bit confused by this as the 1060 is a better card (I believe) and it's doing worse in DX12. Would this be something that would change over time or not?

Why do you say its the better card? On release the 1060 6gb (the 3gb has less cores as well as vram so is a lesser card) was a lot better. However, AMD with their GCN architecture have a tendency to improve with driver updates:


As for DX12 - AMD use basically brute force on their GPU's, called Asynchronous Compute, this ability is not fully utilised in DX11 which is why Nvidia tends to have the upper hand in DX11 titles. However, DX12 removes a lot of the driver overhead that DX11 + AMD cards are restricted by. This is basically why AMD > Nvidia in DX12 across a lot of the range (980ti+ excluded).


Now take that into account, + lower prices of the 480 and more vram and then consider more games are going to use DX12 as we move forward and then add the fact AMD GCN cards improve with driver updates - it kinda makes the 480 a win win situation - Yes the 1060 still wins in some DX11 games, but the different isn't vast and story was pretty much the same between the Nvidia 970 and AMD 390 - and then slowly turned the 390's way over the period of 9 months or so


Then add another (I just remembered) Nvidia disabled SLI on cards below the 1070 in Pascal range - So if you want more GPU horse power in the future with Nvidia you need a new card, where as AMD still support crossfire on the 480


And then we could talk about freesync monitors being cheaper than Gsync !

(You wouldn't believe I have a 1080 and Gsync monitor after this AMD pat on the back!)


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