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Can we get a thread for smart home and home automation? Not sure if this is something others would be interested in. I am doing the build/buy a house thing so it's kind of an interest to me right now. Seeing as this is a tech forum I thought this is kind of a budding tech area that includes things like wifi outlets/switches, security systems, thermostats etc. It could also just be broadened out for "House Tech" kind of anything relating to technology for your home in general.

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IMO, there's nowhere near enough questions/topics related to smart home equipment to justify a dedicated subforum, it would just go unused. General discussion is there for stuff that doesn't really fit into other subforums but isn't big enough to justify its own subforum. Some topics would probably fit into the home theatre subforum. 

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Just make your own topic for it, there's no reason to make a subforum for something 2.5 people will post in.

There are already too many subforums as it is.

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Smart Homes have a bit of controversy with how they work

i don't think it will survive long, most consumers don't want to have a device listening to what they say everyday


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