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Using DSR with Displayport adapter

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I don't know if this is the correct subforum but lets hope so.

I found an older monitor that only has VGA input and I wanted to use it as a secondary display.

The problem I have is that the resolution is quite low for what I'm trying to achieve and DSR is not supported over analog outputs (I'm using a 970).

My question is, could I use a Displayport to VGA adapter to enable DSR? I have not found any topics on this specific use case, so I wondered if someone tried something like this or if someone has enough knowledge to let me know if this would even work.



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You could try it, but i do not believe it will work. 

Probably waiting for the forum to load until the NBN gets here, while waiting for my school laptop to boot.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just bought an adapter and wanted to let people know that might be wondering if it is possible: in my case it works perfectly after a bit of tinkering with the custom resolution utility.

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