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Windows surface 2 or surface pro 2

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Do you need a surface?

I don't need it not for work or anything but I could use it for school and just to share stuff easier with my computer
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Posted · Original PosterOP

I would go with the surface pro 2, because it has a x86 processor and can run windows applications, that is sooooo useful.... provided that the battery life is decent.

i know but it is so much money
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I would buy a convertible, such as the Lenovo Yoda Yoga or the Dell XPS 14 like Linus has.

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I dont see much point in the Surface "RT" becuase I for one would still want/need an x86 based laptop, so I would go for the Pro version so I can install more than just Apps on it. and as someone else says, it not much different than the android counterpart, except for office programs, but the appstore is probably not as good as android.. :)

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