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With very little experience in wireless printing, I would like to ask this:


Is it possible to use a wired connection for internet usage whilst printing wirelessly at the same time?

i.e. print wireless using some kind of adapter (USB or otherwise) without disrupting wired internet connection.


If so, are there any difficulties or tips & tricks in setting up such a connection or is it quite straightforward?


Thank you for any replies.

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I believe your printer connects to your router, and you send your print information through the router to your printer.


You will need USB connection to set it up first.


For me, it was very simple to connect and print on my wireless printer.


Press WPS button on printer

Press WPS button on router/switch

Add Printer on Windows



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I'm not entirely sure if you can use wireless and wired connection in pc at same time. With my laptop its either one but not both. Since you connect to printer through router, it doesn't matter what kind of connections there are between pcand router and printer and router. Data will be sent to printer along with normal network data.

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my computer is connected wired to the same network as my AP's so my printer is conned to the AP's and when i hit print it does its  stuff fine!

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