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Updated GPU, looking for pointers

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So, I've been using CPU + GPU for folding with my FX-8320 and a Radeon HD 8750.  I just upgraded to an RX 480, and seriously tripled my PPD.  I've been doing 6 cores on CPU, but after reading through this topic a little bit, I'm wondering if that's hurting my PPD, or helping it?  I pretty much let it run full power while I'm not gaming, and pause it when I am (though even if I forget to pause it, I notice little to no performance loss in game).  Just curious if anyone has any input to maximize the output for the 20 hrs/day that it's folding, I guess.


Also, hoping to break into that top 1000 folders list for LTT soon!

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You're not hurting PPD by using your CPU along with the GPU. In fact, you are just increasing it, even if only by a tiny margin (CPUs don't generate nearly as many points).

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You are good.  That is an eight core CPU.  As long as there is a core for the OS and a core per GPU, the CPU can fold along.


Plus, the new A7 CPU WUs give out some nice points.

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