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How To Install Any Light-Weight Linux OS On Asus T100TAM

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello nice people who probably have a much higher IQ in these things than me (more of a smartphone enthusiast myself),

I have rubbish Windows Hybrid which is more formally known as the Asus T100TAM, I can't seem to get any type of Linux OS on the machine. The closest I have ever gotten was an image of Linux (Can't remember which) that had no network support for WiFi or Ethernet connection via cabled. I am kind of stuck here. Put it back on Windows 10 for the time being but honestly the lag is unbearable. (I did not buy the laptop myself, it was a gift from my father, I would have definitely got a Chromebook for less money.)

Thanks Guys,


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Have you tried Lubuntu or Xubuntu? Both are very lightweight distros, good for a low spec laptop like that one (Lubuntu is lighter though). If you have and they didn't work, I can suggest a couple others.





A Guide For Getting Started With Linux

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can you install ubuntu? if you can show us the output to lspci and lsusb. from there we can see what the wifi chipset is and get the proper drivers if available


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