Okay, so it might sound stupid it is just that I have a bit of doubt myself and funny thing is there is simply not a single video of it on youtube from my searching, I already know how to apply the thermal paste from the tube/syinge, you put a not too much, not too little drop of it and just sit the heatsink down.   Lukes video here is more than enlightening about it   But the issue I have is that this person who is having me build a new PC for bought a small thermal paste POT, not a tube that I can just squeeze for the drop, and every single little video about applying simply completely ignores that pots do exist too, so now I am just a bit afraid because it is new to me and I never used it from a pot before, I bought those surgical gloves as I thought it could help but I would just like to know if any one who has already used the pot ones could give me an idea of the best applying method?