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3d Graphics Card

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I am planning an inverted build in a silent case 900 pro. The upside down text and images has put me off in the past but now i have an asus board that i can 3d print parts for it and for the sli bridge.


I'm planning on getting a 1080ti once it released but wondering where i should keep an eye out for a 3d printed cover that i can invert the text on the side to match my case.

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Typical print material fails at very low temperatures. I know this from tests I have done in engineering classes, delamination of ABS, Nylon, PETG, etc. can occur at temps as low as 140F/60C. This is because the layers are not completely fused together, which results in fine stress points where heat can build up and exploit the incomplete welds.


This being said, the part will likely not be experiencing these temps, and even if it does, the worst that would happen is the layers start to come apart. The biggest problem would be the difficulty in finding exact geometric dimensions for the cover to use when printing (if you plan on printing the whole shroud).

43 minutes ago, Blitzcrieg said:

where i should keep an eye out for a 3d printed cover

This will likely never be sold due to the fact that it would infringe on any design patents Nvidia would have on the GPU and downloads will likely not appear due to infringement on Nvidia's intellectual property and interfering with profits. The latter point is due to clauses in patent protection that state that any future innovation that may bring financial gain to the party that holds a patent is protected by the patent. So the fact that Nvidia could possibly make an inverted GPU shroud in the future means that designing one would violate the patent on the design.


This being said, if you design and make a shroud by yourself, for yourself, you would not get in trouble as Nvidia would not be able to prove that you did it with the intent to make money off of it. 

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