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Twitch Streamer Dies During 24 Hour Charity Stream

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On 2/22/2017 at 8:23 PM, MakeAMDGreatAgain said:

Very sad.. Can we really die from sleep deprivation though? Wouldn't your body just naturally fall to sleep though? Kind of like we cannot die while voluntarily holding our breath as our extincts will kick in? Does it work the same for sleep?

It's pretty easy to keep yourself awake so you never enter REM, holding you breath causes a lack of oxygen which makes you pass out. You'd have to go months without sleep to die from it directly, but it depends on the amount of activity too. Since this guy smoked he most likely had other health problems that helped cause this. I mean during the training of Navy SEALs they aren't allowed to sleep for a few days and I'm not sure how many have died during that, and they make them do a lot harder work than playing a video game


But I guess it isn't the first time either, Korean and Chinese people have died in those game cafe's after day long marathons

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On 2/23/2017 at 8:24 AM, jaggysnake57 said:

nice to see the staff making fun of some ones death .....professional



watch this get edited


Black humour is like food - not everybody gets it.

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1 hour ago, bigneo said:

Black humour is like food - not everybody gets it.

so that makes it excusable, especially from a member of staff?

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7 minutes ago, jaggysnake57 said:

so that makes it excusable, especially from a member of staff?


One day I will be able to play Monster Hunter Frontier in French/Italian/English on my PC, it's just a matter of time... 4 5 6 7 8 9 years later: It's finally coming!!!

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On 2/22/2017 at 7:41 PM, Ryan_Vickers said:

If that was true there'd be a story like this every day from somewhere in the world :P 


Pulmonary embolism IS actually pretty common in hospitals. As a respiratory therapist I see this every day. One of the most common causes of this is when a blood clot from the legs goes up to a lung artery causing stress and eventually death. This varies depending on how bad the situation is. 


People who sits all day have more chance of developing a blood clot in a leg. My aunt just recently survived one. While it can be treated, more than one death does happens every day in every country because of this. That common is. :)

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4 hours ago, Accursed Entity said:


Hm, I really need to start moving more or my joke from earlier is gonna come true xD 

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On 23/02/2017 at 8:13 PM, Mutoh said:

This isn't even the first case of somebody dropping dead from sleepless gaming sessions and I highly doubt the 20 year old kids in Korea and Taiwan that died from similar circumstances were high on meth.



There might be other health reasons as to why something like that could happen but blaming it on drugs is a bit irresponsible IMO. Also just cause you haven't experienced it yourself doesn't mean it isn't possible. 

Err what, I didn't blame anything on drugs. My comment was a direct response to another comment and if you read it in context that's obvious.


I also didn't say people haven't died while live streaming/gaming for long periods, I'm aware its happened before. What I actually said was most of the time its not because of lack of sleep and there's usually other circumstances involved.

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Most weeks during school I get very little sleep and I'm up for about 20 hours. Now I'm scared.     ._.

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1 hour ago, Kamina said:

Most weeks during school I get very little sleep and I'm up for about 20 hours. Now I'm scared.     ._.

Why? No need to be. Sleep deprivation is not dangerous short-term but is not good for your health and overall well-being in the short term and even worse long term. It's not lethal what you're describing.


It's highly unlikely that this person died of sleep deprivation. It may have contributed but it seems more like it was an unhealthy lifestyle of sitting down for hours upon hours with no breaks and lots of smoking and drinking. The common theory is that this caused a clot to form and travel to his lungs causing death. That's one of the reasons they recommend you to get up once in a while either working at a desk all day or when you take long flights: to avoid clots forming in your legs.


While not deadly, I would recommend changing your lifestyle though. It isn't healthy to sacrifice sleep. I used to do it a lot in my teens with all-nighters and irregular sleeping patterns. It was a pointless thing to do in hindsight. Might as well have scheduled my time differently and I wouldn't have been so tired all the time. So bottom line: change your ways now - you're not gaining anything. In fact you might actually get less done because both the quality and quantity of your work will fall when you're not in good condition (sleep, eat, drink, exercise = healthy mind and body). Many of the countries where people work 12 hour shifts are less productive than those who work 8. They spend more hours doing less because their employees are overworked and therefore the extra hours have very little impact on their productivity (they might keep decent pace the first 4-6 hours but then they start to decline and the more hours you tack on the bigger the decline).


I'll end my rant here :-)



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On 22/02/2017 at 11:27 PM, coztimo said:

Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/02/22/twitch-streamer-dies-during-charity-marathon


Really sad stuff since this guy had a wife and three kids. As always, please remember to stay safe and take breaks while gaming!

Quite possible he died of a stroke. Smoking increases risk of stroke and tiredness etc increase BP. Quite likely to have had a thromboemolism.

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