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DIY Project Valerie

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Hey guys love the show.


Thought you might be interested in a cheaper portable monitor witch has a full HD 1080P res. and another one that is cheaper yet and still higher res then the one Linus choose. 


ASUS MB169B+ 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor




AOC e1759Fwu 17-Inch Ultra Slim 1600x900 Res.

Amazon ASIN: B00LPC3U8Q



The 17" has VESA mounts.


I like the Asus option but the AOC is a bigger screen that will look better side by side

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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 hours ago, l0bst3r said:

@nicklmg @LinusTech Have you ever thought about making an "upload schedule", where you can see at what time a new video will come? I really like your recent upload time around morning/noon, so I can watch your videos before going to sleep. Propably keep this up? ;)



Not really sure what you mean. We have an upload schedule - every day at noon(ish) PST, aside from Fridays which is usually between 6-7pm PST (as it's WAN Show, doesn't even get recorded until 4:30pm PST).


When videos come out later than that it's due to an issue - usually something to do with Premiere screwing up an export. At times on the weekend we're a bit late due to other commitments - unfortunately we do have lives outside of this some days :D haha.


The last couple weeks have been especially bad for timing, but that's due to the fact that we're "investing in the future" so to speak. Exciting times coming in the next few months :) 

Sign up for Floatplane. Do it. It's fantastic.

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This is so ghetto.... it's awesome. Although maybe a different laptop than a Blade Pro? If you're going to go so janky on everything else, maybe start with a less macbook-y laptop?

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Never understood the point of valerie when things like slidenjoy, ten one design mountie and other similar products existed.


Side note wtf is tuck tape?

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13 minutes ago, JAKEBAB said:

Never understood the point of valerie when things like slidenjoy, ten one design mountie and other similar products existed.


Side note wtf is tuck tape?

Duct tape, they pronounce it weird. 

Canadians. That's my explanation. 

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that is not how I would of done it at all, although I would of had the screens detachable, a simple bracket round the screens could mean that you could connect the screens onto the laptop, using something like this which would mean you'd be able to change the angle easy enough, it wouldn't break the screen to remove the screen and it would be easy to do.


(zig zaggy bit go off to the rest of the bracket round the screen, all sizes are guesses and not to scale) these also can be support so they wouldn't break incredibly easily even during transport.

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And more, several more

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1 hour ago, JAKEBAB said:


Side note wtf is tuck tape?


TUC tape is a plastic tape that canadians use, especially in construction. Typically for joining plastic sheeting for insulation and water barrier purposes.

And yes, I watched a lot of Mike Holmes TV programs.

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10 hours ago, benny_r_t_2 said:

I really wish to have seen this being used in a coffee shop or cafe by Linus at the end of the video. Please have a follow up?

Yeah this could be a CSF prank.

Linus coming out of his lambo, going to starbucks in his pimp outfit and then taking out DIY project Valerie

Please quote me so that I know that you have replied unless it is my own topic.

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Did you break the Project Valerie monitors and try to install 3rd-party monitors instead?

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Speaking of Project Valerie from Razer, i found this interesting, and seems to much more convenient rather than Linus's first attempt of triple display laptop aka Project Volverie,.... Just sharing..




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Did syndicate steal it? @LinusTech

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Logitech G613

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