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Ram won't run in dual channel

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I recently got a new motherboard, CPU and Ram combo second hand but when I got home I realized the Ram was running in single channel. I reconfigured it to run in dual channel but after that, the PC wouldn't boot. I have a mem_ok button on my motherboard but that didn't work either. But when I put the Ram back in single channel the PC worked fine again. These are the parts I got: Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V with bios version 2104, CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k and Ram: 2 sticks of 4GB ddr3 Kingston hyperX genesis gray series 1866mhz. I did also try running dual channel with 2 slower 2GB sticks which did work. I am running the CPU at stock. Any idea what it could be or how it could be fixed? Thanks in advance!

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dunna know how you'd 'config' the channel usage, inserting the DIMMS in both black or both blue DIMM slots is dual channel.

verify function of each DIMM slot by booting one stick in one slot, shut down and repeat in the rest. if one fails, then you found an issue.

by default, the RAM should boot at 1333MHz (have to XMP/tune in UEFI to reach rated DIMM clock).

another could be the kingston could be at fault. retry all slots and modules.

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