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GTX 970 Artifacting Issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So ive had my 970 for just around a year now and for most of its lifespan ive had an overclock using MSI afterburner. The overclock has:

mV +19

power limit 105%

core clock: +200

memory clock +110

it took me a while to stabalise initially but it has been stable all this time and its just today started artifacting on some games. It is exactly the same style of artifacting i encountered when my OC pushed my card too far (e.g. +230Mhz core clock increase) Im just worried i fried some parts of the GPU since its been this way so long. Cooling wise as far as i know the card was kept consistently below 75 degrees (C) and its been incredibly stable up till now. As we speak i just had the video driver crash error. Once again an error i only encountered when my OC pushed too hard. I doubt it is a power feed error. I am using a EVGA 850 nova PSU with a relatively low power build. 


does anyone have some advice on how to remedy this besides "turn the OC down"? (which ill will test if helps and update this post) im really worried since i was saving for a CPU upgrade and really dont want to have to replace a 970 because i fucked it.


UPDATE: Yes it does seem that removing the OC and re-booting solves the issue. I assume the artifacting is the GPU showing its age then? My question from before still stands as i will apply a rather light OC from now on since all my games were optimised for the OCd 970. 

UPDATE X2: some games appear to be running the same if not, better? Im extreemely confused. Perhaps it was thermal throttling this entire time?

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