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i'm studying it in highschool. in the hardware class we had the subject about dual chanel and quad chanel memory and the teacher said that you have different ram kits designed for these things and that you should buy them so if you want to install 4 dims into your board you should buy quad chanel and 2 dims buy dual chanel kit. 1st of i dont think that these kits make a difference if you buy a 4x dim kit or 2 times 2x dim kit and also I dont think this is the case. That you have 1 chanel that uses 2 dims and another that uses 2 so if you want to install 4 dims you have dual chanel. and 8 sticks on x99 platform that you use quad chanel. because you can see in cpu-z if you have put in 2 dims it still says dual-chanel Can someone clarify this for me? thanks

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There's nothing special about RAM marketed as dual channel or quad channel, that is managed by the CPU and motherboard. That said, it's generally best to buy the number of sticks you need in a kit so you know they've been tested together. 


Dual channel requires two or more DIMMs and quad channel requires four or more DIMMs. It's generally advised to have an even number of DIMMs and capacity in each channel, but dual channel can run with an uneven capacity and number of DIMMs, as can quad channel, provided all of the channels have at least one DIMM installed. 


While you can have some compatibility issues when mixing different RAM modules, they can certainly run in dual or quad channel if you put them in the correct slots on the board. 


EDIT: Also 4 DIMMs doesn't equal quad channel. Most consumer grade boards are limited to dual channel, with boards on something like the X99 or one of the server/workstation chipsets supported quad channel. 

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8 minutes ago, joytimmermans said:

so if you want to install 4 dims into your board you should buy quad chanel and 2 dims buy dual chanel kit. 

Thats wrong for the quad channel part, kinda.

As an example, Z270 chipset ATX boards have 4 dimm slots, but they can only run dual channel, so if you put 4 dimms in, you'd be running 2x dual channels, if that makes sense?

If it was an X99 board however, they have 8 dimm slots(generally, some of the matx have 4, and ive seen an itx with 2) and can support quad channel, so assuming the ram sticks weere in the correct dimm slots, it would allow quad channel.

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