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after installing gtx 1070 windows aero doesn't work

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I installed 1070 graphic card on my computer and the windows aero effect just doesn't work.

i did google it and tried a lot of solutions but non of them succeeded.

I tried installing the latest driver from geforce's website, installed Xtreme Graphic Engine in order to get the most up to date bios (which is F11 as for today) and firmware (21.21.13,7866 today's most up dated).

I tried running the windows Aero Troubleshoot and it didn't help in any way. 

also reinstalling the windows didn't help (not fresh reinstall like format and install but a repair).

i navigated to Services in windows and tried "stop", "play" and "Restart" under "Desktop Window Manager" option.


when I plug my HDMI cable directly to the motherboard it works like magic both Windows Aero and the transparency across the board.


*I did multiple restarts after each change or update.

*i have Windows 7 Ultimate installed.

*Graphic card driver's version is 378.66


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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