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Corsair CX750 Problem

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Posted · Original PosterOP

A couple of days ago i've noticed a strange noise coming from my case. I was trying to overclock my GPU and i might have overdone it a bit with the power limit. When i entered a game to benchmark my GPU performance, i've noticed a strange sound coming from the case. At first, i thought it was my GPU, but on further inspection, it looks like my PSU is making a strange, buzzing, static electric noise every time i enter a game. Sometimes on the desktop, too. I've stress tested my CPU and my GPU simultaneously to see if it will still make the strange noise under load, but when i do the test, everything is quiet. Upon entering a game, any game, the buzzing comes again. Also, i've noticed that the 12v rail is actually at 13.something v, but in the BIOS it always shows it's steady at 11.98v. Can this be an issue? Did i kill my PSU? Thanks in advance.


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Ignore any software voltage readings, they are often very off. 


Buzzing noises is just coil whine, if you find it annoying, set up an RMA with Corsair, it isn't dangerous,  there slightly vibrations in the PSU that is causing the noise 

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7 hours ago, drax_mafra said:

So i should be fine with this PSU while gaming? The noise it's just.. Noise?


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