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Best movie you have ever seen and why?

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Mine personal favorite would have to be Empire Strikes Back such a good movie the pace, the action, the intrigue, the twist all great pieces laden into a delicious pie. Now what is yours?

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Jodorowsky's The holy Mountain. It's basically just countless metaphors losely connected (and I mean losely, there's not a single line of dialogue for the first 30 minutes) but at the end you can kinda see where he was going with it with a particularly hilarious, self deprecating ending.


Other than that I like Luis Buñuel's The Phantom of Liberty (very similar vein to Holy Mountain in terms of having basically no plot) I also enjoy David Lynch movies (INLAND EMPIRE being my favorite, yes it's supposed to be written all caps, don't know why) and such.


Though I enjoy all kinds of movies my favorites are almost never normie movies.


Current Rig


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The dark knight. Had such a great non-predictable plot, several climaxes, great acting, and the joker was portrayed perfectly with just the right amount of crazy/psycho, mystery, and humor. 


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If you've ever wanted any kind of insight into what it means to have a mental disease then watch A Beautiful Mind. I'm going to spoil the ending here so watch and come back if you want...


When he realizes it was all in his mind - he now *knows* they do not exist and they are only in his mind.


They do *not* disappear - they are there forever. He's a genius, he has full cognitive awareness of what is going on yet he still cannot control his mind enough to get ride of the fabrications. He will forever be questioning what is truly happening and what is made up. He now knows that part of what he thought was reality does not exist and must forever question the validity of everything.


This is at a genius level. Therefor most people with a mental disorder will never accept that you are telling them what they *know* to be reality does not exist.


Now - what if they are not the ones with a mental disorder? What if it's you? You are no more capable of ignoring your reality than they are....


Plays well into this:




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I do not know but I am getting sick and tired of any kind of "real life" war movie trying to make it Afghanastan or Iraq, real boring. No one cares.

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The imitation game. Followed closely by Rush. 

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"Life is like a raging river, Its gonna get rough downstream. And people's gonna piss in it" 

"Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he THINK he was doing at the time?"

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Impossible to brake it down to one Movie.

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