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DIY Couch Gaming Platform

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2 hours ago, nicklmg said:

Seems like you'd knock everything over or have to totally reset anytime you need to get up. Not a huge deal if you're hunkering down for a 10-hr gaming day, but certainly not ideal for casual/intermittent use.


Of course you could make a similar argument with ours, but I would say that ours is slightly more secured for movement :P

Either way, cool idea!

Secured for movement?  :P  The keyboard and mouse pad have rubber backing/feet on the bottom of them.  Paired with sitting on an upholstered fabric, they aren't going anywhere. The thing that will go somewhere is the mouse.  Neither addresses that issue... haha.  I suppose I could've inset a magnet to the side of the mouse pad for storage, but it's probably not worth the trouble.  My microphone can also tip if you are clumsy. :) haha


A question about yours though.. why the leg pillow on the underside?  Does it not rest high enough to be off your legs?  
I would think that would make things quite wobbly.. but idk.

Anywho, nice to see this problem get some attention.  Maybe companies will be more interested in providing a good product in the future.  

Thanks for covering the HTPC users needs! :D 

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Overall Really great video. The thumbnail isn't obnoxious, and the title isn't even click-bait. But, the intro did touch on the bait a little with the line about the big gaming industry, but it seemed to be more of a joke. If it means anything I give this 4/5 


I wish I had any handy work skills to be able to cut the wood straight/neat. But I guess I'll stick with my own couch wood ;) 

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I wanted to dislike it, but it seems like a better option vs. the Razer Turret.  At least the plywood won't require Synapses 2.0, and it'll last more than a year. 

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The only thing I don't get here is... Why not just get a gamepad? I play first person shooters on the desk but third person games I just play on the couch+tv using a game pad and that's good enough?


Seems just so much trouble and work for so little result...

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would be nice to sink the cup holder and snack tray

and flush mount the usb hub so ports stick level to the top edge

add a handle and usb cord holder (rope cleat) for easy storage and cable management

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Use Mica Not Paint, you'll have an easier time matching your Setup


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So project roll over desk is well under way, i've got to cut the side panels which will square it up nice, but the cut will allow it to slide around the couch as shown in the pictures. total cost around 70 bucks US (including the panels not yet installed).




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