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Sahand S

Nintendo Switch USB-C pc video input

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Does anyone know if its possible to use USB type C as a video input to your computer? Was wondering because I need to figure out how to connect my PC and the Nintendo switch to one monitor (which doesn't have a audio output). So in a way what i'm asking is if USB type C can be used as a capture card but without the recording aspect but as the display aspect on your computer? If not can anyone can give me other affordable ways to achieve the goal of having the switch and a pc attached to one monitor and as a reminder my monitor does not have a audio output jack, thanks! My computer is custom built so it does support pci expansions.


Edit: So is there a way to have video input to a Pc thats not expensive as a capture card or can someone help me find a affordable hdmi switch that also has audio output?

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To answer your specific question? If you plugged the Switch into the USB Type C port on your PC all it's going to do is charge. That has nothing to with the Switch itself and everything to do with the port on your computer. So if you want to do it that way you're going to need a capture card.


But that's not what you necessarily want. What you're asking for is a way to put the video output of the Switch to your monitor while having the sound go somewhere else. And that's a different question entirely. Because there's a fairly high chance that if you plug a set of headphones into the headphone port on the Switch it'll send audio over that rather than HDMI. It also has bluetooth so, in theory, it could support bluetooth audio devices. But we won't know for sure until it's actually in people's hands to test it out.

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I would look at getting a hdmi switch that has a seperate audio output.  You could hook up 4 or 5 devices (depending on the hdmi switch you get) and toggle between them. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15375


I use a hdmi matrix (4x2) to toggle between my monitor and TV.  I have a Nintendo Switch, Wii-U, Snes Classic and PS4 hooked up to it.


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