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Using a 5" bay DAC Externally

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Hello All! 


I recently built a rig using an Asus Maximus Extreme VIII Assembly motherboard. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=n82e16813132698


This Mobo comes with an external DAC, designed to be used in a 5" bay. When designing my system, I originally planned on using a Formula board, so the case I fell in love with didnt have or need 5" bays (Corsair Air Carbide 740).


This is the first DAC I have ever had, so i really want to use it! The onboard audio of the Extreme Assembly is way better than what I am used to, so I have been surviving on that. 


My question: Is there a way I can use this DAC externally? It connects to the power supply using standard 'rail?' connectors, and the motherboard using a usb header on the motherboard.


Any suggestions? Could I use a USB port somehow? I have tried just running the cables out of the case but they aren't long enough and my case really doesnt have a hole I could fit the usb connector through. I really want to use the DAC but not bad enough to replace my case, especially since the onboard audio is pretty good.


Also, I am using a pair of USB amplified Turtle Beach Atlas' right now. Do I need to continue using the usb portion of that now that my Mobo offers amplification? I have noticed that I have to send audio through the 3.5 jack and not USB to be able to take advantage of the sound options (sonic studio) on my soundcard. 


Thank you SO MUCH for any help! 

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With your actual headphones, You won't notice any significant improvement, even with a dedicated DAC/ headphone amp.

Your on board sound is just right.

To use the Supreme fx hi-fi in with your setup, you will need a jumped pc power supply and an extended usb header (most not came longer than a few inches), with all the cables hanging around. It is, in my opinion a hassle.


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