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Panasonic SA-HT700 5.1 workaround for AV Input possible?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, I purchased a used Panasonic SA-HT700 from our thrift store. Everything appears to be in good condition. The bass and the speakers all work when I am playing DVDs. However, when I try to play music from another device through the stereo audio inputs, only the bass and the front speakers work, which makes perfect sense. 


Unfortunately, I am not looking for perfect sense. I am looking for a possible workaround to get the entire 5.1 setup to work when playing through the AV Inputs. Is there any possible solution? 


I hope my situation and question makes sense.

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Add surround effects to stereo sound.


On your remote:

Press [S.SRND].

Each time you press the button: MUSIC>MOVIE>PARTY>(off) 


MUSIC: Adds surround effects to stereo sources.

MOVIE: Use this mode when playing movie software.

PARTY: Sound is in stereo regardless of the direction you are facing.

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