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Is the GTX 970 still good today?

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19 hours ago, SteveGrabowski0 said:

Things are going to change in 8 months for sure. I'd be absolutely shocked if you couldn't find RX 480 for $180 by then, and it's a better card than the 970. I wouldn't buy a three year old Nvidia card in August, as they do not typically age very well. For instance, the GTX 780 Ti  that launched at $700 in November 2013 is about on par with the lowend GTX 1050 Ti today. Meanwhile the R9 290x that launched a month earlier than the 780 Ti and at $550 is likely still up there with the GTX 1060. I say likely because I can only find current benchmarks on the R9 390 and R9 390x, and the 290x is the same card as the 390x with a slightly lower clock and 4GB RAM.

To be fair the 1050 ti is in most titles closer to a gtx 770/680:


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On 1/15/2017 at 0:56 AM, App4that said:

Why? My used 980ti is a beast. 

Well, it's just my opinion.

Sakib Sadman Shajib


Madly in love with technology.



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37 minutes ago, sakibsadmanshajib said:

Well, it's just my opinion.

Now give a valid reason or invalid.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
44 minutes ago, sakibsadmanshajib said:

Well, it's just my opinion.


8 minutes ago, Festive said:

Now give a valid reason or invalid.

That's valid enough for me 

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I have 970 from EVGA. I paid for it 120 USD and it's still under 2 years of warranty. Max temp? 68 C in Overwatch (idk what is wrong with this game... it's using 100% of GPU even in menu). Yea 1060 / 480 are faster, but twice as expensive... so not really a surprise.

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On 1/14/2017 at 11:35 AM, AA-RonRosen said:


Can you please specify why? I need a good reason if I want to make a decision.

You're new here so you don't know Zmuel has brain meltdowns when it comes to AMD. Funny how he did you a benchmark of a 480 with a tiny heatsink and what was at the time, a bugged fan curve to prove his delusions.

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3 hours ago, AA-RonRosen said:


That's valid enough for me 

Up to you. Your money. 


Me, I'll enjoy getting more performance for less money.

If anyone asks you never saw me.

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All this debate about the RX480 running hot. I have the Sapphire RX480 and it stays around 75c in games witch is close to what id consider too hot. So yes it runs hotter than nVidia but the fans dont spin up much. Probably why it is so hot, but its quiet. Reference version is another story, it reaches those temps while sounding like a leaf blower due to its much smaller heatsink, the fan works much harder, not to mention the smaller fan.

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On 1/14/2017 at 11:46 AM, zMeul said:

he's locking it at 60FPS

what if the workload is very intense? the GPU temp will go ~80deg

My RX 480s never hit 80c, even running at 1.495GHz/2.1GHz

He who asks is stupid for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains stupid. -Chinese proverb. 

Those who know much are aware that they know little. - Slick roasting me



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