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old reece frost

Firewire questions (For audio interface)

You can get pcie cards for firewire. There are no new mobo's with firewire. https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-FireWire-1394a-Components-RC-504/dp/B004F3DM6C

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So my mixing friend is going to move from Mac to Windows since he has started using Pro Tools, but he has a Saffire Pro 24 which uses Firewire to connect to his Mac. Is there any motherboards out there which support Firewire? We haven't decided on a processor yet so any motherboard recommendations are appreciated.


If there aren't any motherboards that support Firewire then what would be the best way in hooking up my friends Saffire Pro 24 to his new PC? I've seen some PCI-E extension cards with Firewire on them, would they work?


Also sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I didn't know whether to post it here on in the motherboard section. xD




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1 minute ago, RektSkrubs said:

lol, 4 port usb 2 is $18, but 4 port usb 3 is $16

Legacy hardware ends up costing more than new stuff.

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2 minutes ago, Kloaked said:

Legacy hardware ends up costing more than new stuff.

yup, because it costs more to keep the equipment that makes old hardware running, than to just shut it down and move on to the new stuff. Plus, there's a lower volume being sold, which means that you need to have higher profits on it than new stuff, due to economies of scale.

Hey! New SIgnature! 


I'm supposedly a person on the Internet, but you'll never know if I'm human or not ;)

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