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Declined Suggestions (Read Before Posting)

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The following suggestions have been proposed numerous times, but are not planned, and we are not looking for feedback on these issues at this time:

  • A forum app
    Due to limited resources available, and the functional mobile site, there are no plans to develop an app for the site at this time.
  • Allow members to delete or lock their own posts
    If you would like something to be removed, please report it, and it will be removed by a moderator. However, a significant number of the deletion requests that we get are because the topic is solved, which is not a valid reason for deletion - by leaving the topic, it can help other people in the future.
  • Dislike/disagree button
    If you disagree with a post, you should quote it and explain why you feel the post is incorrect, so that people can see both sides of the argument, and make their own decision, rather than simply seeing that someone doesn't think the post is correct without any context.
  • Require all posts from new users to be manually approved by a moderator/block all non-latin characters/don't allow links in new members' posts (to prevent spam)
    There are far too many posts for manual approval to be remotely feasible, and the other suggestions would adversely affect legitimate content too. We have a number of spam filtering systems in place, so the vast majority of the spam is caught before it is posted.
  • Allow unfollowing individual status updates/Group status update notifications
    That would make a lot of sense, but unfortunately it's not something we can change. It has been suggested to the forum software devs several times but they have shown absolutely no interest in changing it.
  • View/edit the BBCode for a post
    Posts don't use BBCode internally any more, so adding support for it would be very complicated, and would cause more problems than it would solve.
  • Add a "use desktop site" button on mobile
    Due to the way the mobile version has been implemented, it isn't technically possible. However, if there is anything that you can't do on the mobile site, please let us know so that we can try to change it, so you don't need to use the desktop version.

New topics discussing these issues will be locked without warning.

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