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Linus CES 8K monitor review

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Posted · Original PosterOP

 what was that black line down the middle of the monitor?  you really didn't think we would miss that did you?

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watch the end of the video. It's a pre-production model.

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I became curious about the 2x DP 1.3 connections to the display. As far as I know graphics cards such as the GTX 1080 actually support DP 1.4 which can push 8K at 60fps. So why would the monitor be only limited to these mythical quadro cards? @LinusTech @Slick

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It might have been a picture demo, like one side is normal and the other is HDR type of thing.

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I might be wrong here but the 8K display is not a single tile, meaning that need different inputs for every tile, thats why it needs D.P 1,3 and two of them at that.

As far as the line in the middle i don't think it is something relevant, otherwise linus would have said it.

Futhermore no one will buy one before the end of 2017 so don't get so hyped up over nothing.

Also 33 million pixels is not feasibly with at least 2 titan XPs. Maybe there are other reasons that you need those three cards, maybe it the only ones with D.P 1.3 or something else.

But either way it ridiculus to give 8K when not even 30% of the average user is using 4K monitor for anything, all of them are either nmutiple 1080ps or 1440p or the ultrawide road.

Remember 100 something FPS in crisis with Titan XP, MAKE IT 4 TIMES AS HARD AND YOU GET 25-30FPS, and its even lower than that.

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