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APC / power supply back up

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I recently moved in to my house, new to me but build over 20 years ago. This is my first winter in it, and I notice that every time the heater turns on the screen goes blank for a second. This only happens on my computer,  I'm using a tv for a monitor. The tv is also used with an xbox and i never had this issue with either one of them only my computer. I think what is happening is that the heater for fraction of a second" to start up" pulls to much electricity and for that second the computer lags a bit. Idk I'm not Tesla, but with that logic would a back up power supply, like a battery back up supply fix this issue. one that charged a batter an only went to aux power"battery pack" when the power lvls dropped. I believe they use these in server rooms and the brand I'm most familiar with is APC. I wouldn't need an industrial back up power supply only one that would keep a constant flow of electricity to my computer. Any thoughts or ideas would greatly be appreciated. 

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Or you could get electrician to check that all sockets are fine.

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Thread moved to Cases and PSUs.


And I would agree with @LoGiCalDrm, seems like your electrical circuits need to be checked!

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20 years ago seems pretty recent to me, but some devices (as electric heaters) can introduce a lot of problems. You should use a dedicated high amperage circuit for such devices to avoid overloading your wiring.


But, if you don't want to do that, a simple UPS of any brand will most certainly solve your problems. APC is fine :)

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