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Roccat SOVA USB issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everybody.

My friend recently bought a Roccat SOVA for his couch setup, it worts great and just suit his needs in general.


He wants to plug in his headset and mouse to the SOVA. Easy? Yes.
However he quickly realized that his PC wouldn't boot, when he had both headset and mouse plugged in to the keyboard.

I came to the so hoped rescue with a 700w PSU in case his 400w wasn't enough. No issue there.

We tried plugging the keyboard into every USB port on the motherboard and front of the PC with no changes.

But this all changed when we pluggedd either the mouse or the headset out. It just worked.


AFTER the PC booted, (if either the mouse or headset was plugged out of the SOVA) the pc booted flawlessly. 
And the funny thing being that plugging in both AFTER it booted made everything work great.


  • We tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.
  • Every USB port combination possible on the PC
  • New PSU
  • RMA, got a new one with the same problem.

What can we do? Or should we expect the product to be just plain bad, because that's my theory.



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2 years i cant get rid of that. I donk know whats deals the problem but i know it has something to do with facatory deffect ( could not find many posts about that ) or usb controller in older mobos.


I have p8z68 v pro from asus and when i plug sova my bios (uefi) detects 4 keyboards if add mouse i got 2 detected. no problems when unpluged.


PSU is ok and everything is stabile untile i plug sova. Windows 10 also is affected. By testing all the settings in bios i managed to get this keyboard "work" but with issues.


Am desperated.... But who else whould answer 3yo post ;)


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