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Side Panel Fans

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Why is this not a thing now? I noticed that modern cases do not have this. In my opinion, it's a really great cooling solution since air will be taken in directly at the GPU and motherboard. Care to enlighten me about this? I'm just new to PC building and just curious why modern case designers "abandoned" this feature.

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Because it's not really necessary. front lower intake and rear upper exhaust just proofed to work well enough. Especially with modern efficient hardware. Of course you can fit a side fan, but it's always a hazzle (power cable?) and depending on position more likely to be aimed at you compared to front/rear fans.

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I just made some holes (2x 120x120 mm fan holes) in my side panel, to cool down my HDD's. Case was designed for just 2 HDD's, and at one time, I had 6 installed.


Currently using 2 HDD's and 1 SSD. Still using them fans in the side panel, and my computer "leaks" cold air everywhere. (always @ 100%, due to molex fans)


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Cuz people want a big window they can look through into the case.

Side panel fan mounts exist, you find them more often on non windowed cases. For example the Corsair 550D I just replaced.

Cabling for the fan is also another issue. You could pull off the panel together with any mounted fans, and potentially rip off a fan header.


A side fan has its merits though. For example with aftermarket GPU coolers, most of the warm air is ejected out the side of the card.

By placing an exhaust fan right on top of it, helps to discharge the warm air asap to keep the inside cool.

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